Guardians of Minaritha In development


Minaritha is a fictional-universe and the setting of my novel, The Guardians of Minaritha. I have developed the world with serval different events and adventures in mind while letting my imagingation run free.

The world was home to eight races, in The Guardians of Minaritha, two are extinct and the remaing six have split into two alliances. Humans-Mythos-Nyphos, Goblins-Etherkin-Gorgans. Of the remaining races Humans, Nyphos and Goblins are mortal, they have but one life and if they die their spirts are freed from the world of Minaritha. Whereas the other races, Mythos, Etherkin and Gorgans cannot reproduce, if an individual from one of these races is killed they will be reborn.


Humans are the creation of the God, Earth. Earth created Humans to have one life, to love, reproduce and build.

Mythos are the creation of the God, Amir. They humanoid beings with large feathered wings allowing them to fly, their spirits are bound to the fate of their god Amir. Humans call them Angles.

Nyphos are the creation of the God, Freya. They are around the size of a Human/Mythos hand, they also have wings which resemble those of an insect. Humans call them Faries.

Goblins are the creation of the God, Kalja. They are most like humans in bodily form only with pointed ears and a more fearsome appearance. Kalja created them to have one life, to breed and dominate.

Etherkin are the creation of the God, Kadow. They have no flesh and blood, their body is an essmbly of bone and metal. If destoryed they are reborn.

Gorgans are the creation of the God, Loith. They are made entirely from rock and metal, they eat the world itself and continually grow.